As a convert I was taken aback by Gospel Principles and felt I had been dropped into an alien world. Were it not for the people fellowshipping me I probably would have left.


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The book GOSPEL PRINCIPLES is the correlated manual for the Gospel Essentials Sunday School class. Primarily, it elaborates upon and reinforces those things that new investigators were taught as "official Church doctrine" by our missionaries. I have a question for George:

George, do you think there is any false doctrine in GOSPEL PRINCIPLES? If you do, I'd like to discuss the teachings that you disagree with. I personally believe every word in that book. It is fundamental, basic, foundational Mormon doctrine. Furthermore, it is "official." What do I mean by official? I mean it has passed the test of correlation by a committee that includes men I sustain every six months as "prophets, seers and revelators." I don't believe there is anything in that book that all 15 of our prophets fail to agree on. And while the General Conference of the Church has not voted upon GOSPEL PRINCIPLES, it has sustained 15 "prophets, seers and revelators" every six months.

I believe it is a false statement that there is very little "official Church doctrine." The problem in this Church isn't that there is so little official doctrine, but that so few members know it very well, and so many of them believe a lot of other foolishness.

Well, good doctrine drives out bad, and vice versa. We are not free to just believe whatever we want. Whatever we believe has to be in harmony with true, ie. correct doctrine.

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