Are you suggesting the radical idea and true faith embodies good works
performed joyfully? What a radical you are!

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> And it goes beyond that, as well.  Just doing what is right is not enough
> to entitle us to eternal life. We must do what is right, with the right
> intent. Christ, Paul and other prophets condemned the Jews and others for
> good actions without the right intentions behind the actions. We can't
> just say, "Lord, Lord" and do many good works. We must have the right
> intentions, as described in Moroni 7.
> In this manner, works must follow faith, the two together; otherwise they
> are dead by themselves.
> K'aya K'ama,
> Gerald (Gary) Smith
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> Ron:
> Well, this could turn into an endless debate. So I'll try for some
> shortcuts.  Short of taking a crash course in Mormon doctrine, there are
> many non-doctrinal ways one can *learn* what is right.  For instance,
> Jimmy
> Carter learned correct *do good* principles in a Baptist Church in
> Plains.
> Richard Nixon was taught (apparently he didn't learn very well) similar
> principles in a Quaker meetinghouse and so on and so forth. Presumably
> they
> both believed similar basic principles, even though each of them applied
> what they'd learne very differently. To wit: DOING counts more than the
> learning, which I will modify this way: good learning often leads to good
> doing, but you never can be too sure.
> Ron
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