And it goes beyond that, as well.  Just doing what is right is not enough
to entitle us to eternal life. We must do what is right, with the right
intent. Christ, Paul and other prophets condemned the Jews and others for
good actions without the right intentions behind the actions. We can't
just say, "Lord, Lord" and do many good works. We must have the right
intentions, as described in Moroni 7.
In this manner, works must follow faith, the two together; otherwise they
are dead by themselves.

K'aya K'ama,

Gerald (Gary) Smith     
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Well, this could turn into an endless debate. So I'll try for some
shortcuts.  Short of taking a crash course in Mormon doctrine, there are
many non-doctrinal ways one can *learn* what is right.  For instance,
Carter learned correct *do good* principles in a Baptist Church in
Richard Nixon was taught (apparently he didn't learn very well) similar
principles in a Quaker meetinghouse and so on and so forth. Presumably
both believed similar basic principles, even though each of them applied
what they'd learne very differently. To wit: DOING counts more than the
learning, which I will modify this way: good learning often leads to good
doing, but you never can be too sure.

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