Gerald Smith wrote:
But the longlasting Outer Darkness made for Sons of Perdition is a place which already will be quite filled with the third of heaven that has already chosen it. Given 16 billion people estimated have already walked the earth, that means a minimum of 8 billion spirits rejected God in the Spirit World. There just won't be very many mortals going there, as they don't have enough knowledge to choose it (and given they have already rejected Satan's plan once, most probably won't change their minds and choose his plan later).

Those who are mortal now don't have enough knowledge to choose to be Sons of Perdition, but what about after the resurrection of the wicked? Isn't there going to be another great war after the Millennium? Those who fight against Christ as resurrected beings following the resurrection of the wicked will have enough knowledge then, won't they? Or is this war going to be fought strictly between those who are mortal upon the earth then?

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