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> Apparently your friend is not aware of the ACLU's origins:
> http://www.geocities.com/graymada/aclu.html
> Which explains a great deal about the issues the ACLU chooses to get
> involved with.<

Steven:  After reading the old Joe McCarthyesque/John Birch stuff that got
entered into the Congressional Record unchallenged (as such stuff roytinely
is: therefore its mere inclusion does not endorse it or verify its
accuracy), I spent some time scanning your personal website.

Because you write well, Steven, I assume you're a reasonably bright guy.
But, when I read you web site practically the only prophet you cite is Ezra
Taft Benson. I don't agree with President Benson's politics, but I do
believe he was a good man and was entitled to to make his own political
choices, as we all are. But, Steven, when you were building the site, did
you not wonder why virtually no other apostle or prophet (of his era) sang
the "Communist Threat" to Momronism song as often and as stridently as
President Benson did (sure, President McKay added a few odd things, but not
much). And, further that no current prophet or apostle has picked-up the
President Benson's "there's a commie on every streetcorner" rag?

I was a kid in the 50s, a teenager in the 60s when President Benson
delivered his most strident talks.  Some of what he said I took to heart
because they squared-up with what was going on in the country at the time. I
took with a grain of salt some of the other things, over the top claims --
"you can't be a good Mormon and a Democrat" -- because they just didn't
square-up with what other prophets and apostles were saying. Worse, because
almost always attempted to co-mingled his politics with church doctrine and

Most troubling to me is the fact that too many people, like you apparently,
rely on him so heavily that  it seems they have transformed him into the
ultimate definer of latter-day Mormonism and what it means to be a good
member of the Church nowadays. I'm pretty sure he would be troubled by this
as much as I am.

So why is that bright guy like you doesn't see the need to flesh-out his
political/religious views using comments, observations and instructions from
the other prophets of the Church?  Should I worry that you and people like
you are hiding out in the weeds, ready at a moment's notice to divide the
church along political lines, or establish The Church of Ezra Taft Benson
and tell the rest of us to go straight to hell?  Just curious.


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