And yet it is the ACLU that has pushed for access on the sidewalks around Temple 
Square.  Interesting that their disgust motivates the ACLU into pushing for even more 
disgusting civil liberties, eh?
I'm all for freedom of speech, but I also believe that personal property rights need 
to be respected, as well.
The Church has offered a generous trade to the city of 2 acres land in exchange for 
the rights of access, yet the ACLU continues to fight it. I think your friends who are 
disgusted do not protest enough. Or at least do not protest enough in the direction 
they should.  In my opinion, the terrible events that antis are doing in front of the 
temple are just as much the fault of the ACLU as of the Antis doing it. They are often 
the ennablers of such wicked and sordid craft.

K'aya K'ama
Gerald Smith
Freedom Forever

Ron:I know Doug Robinson is not dense, but it seems to me that he should 
have figured out long ago that in these hyper-media times John Wayne 
types would get more attention than the meek and mild of the world.

The fallout from the demonstrations around Temple Square this Fall has 
been interesting.  A high school classmate of mine, an ACLU lawyer, was 
absolutely disgusted by the vile protestors and so were many, most of 
her colleagues.



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