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> Subject: [ZION] Thoughts on Ted Kennedy and Communism
> Ron Scott tried to excuse Ted's behavior by the deaths of his
> brothers, and asked for what danger there is from communism today.<<

I did nothing of the kind, friend. Nor do I see any correlation between
communism and Ted Kennedy.
> Let me answer both. First, Ted's behavior came along way before
> any of his brothers died. Chappaquidick shows us just what kind
> of a person he is. <

Wrong, again. The incident at Chappaquiddick (correct SPELLING) was July,
1969. JFK was assassinated in November of 1963; RFK was gunned down in July
of 1968.  Teddy's behavior after the accident was reprehensible.

>occured after the assassinationWhile John Kennedy risked his life for his
> on his PT boat, and with his brother, Bobby Kennedy, stood firm
> against communism in the Cuba Missile Crisis; we have Teddy going
> his own spoiled brat way. <

I agree, he was a spoiled brat with a mjaor league drinking problem.  He
arrived in Utah in 1968 and his first question to reporters was: "where can
I get a drink?"

>Mort Sahl, the comedian and political
> commentator once mentioned how people would grab him and say,
> "you've got to see this new senator, he's just like JFK" or "This
> new guy is just like Bobby."  Mort wondered if there was anyone
> that wasn't like JFK or Bobby, and then it dawned on him: Teddy.
> If anything, Teddy sold out to communist/extreme liberal
> interests long ago, and shares nothing with his older brothers
> except the now misnomered label "Democrat." <

As you noted correctly, Mort Sahl was a comedian.

SNIP. I did not attempt to compare Ted to John or Bobby. Not once. Not ever.
I simply said that we, who are no position to judge him anyway, ought to
take into account the fact that his three older brothers -- Joe, Jack and
Bobby-- met violent, untimely deaths.  In the cases of Jack and Bobby, those
deaths were in his face, day in and day out, for years and years and years.
I suspect such would have a negative impact on all of us.  That is no excuse
for his behavior.

> Now, as for communism's modern threat. I don't look at it as a
> threat by communism, but by tyrannical ideologies. Ideologies
> that seek to reach their goals by enslaving or killing millions
> are evil.<

I don't think we disagree.

>America should not support nor sustain any of them,
> except in encouraging them to become free republics. Then, I read
> the Revelation of John as discussing Beasts, etc. I see the first
> Beast as the European Union, with its disgust for true freedom
> and desire to establish a major economic system enforced
> everywhere (which is what the Beast does. You can't buy nor sell
> without its mark: the Euro?). <

You've got to be kidding?

>Then, the Dragon is China, which is
> becoming a world power. Finally, the second Beast will be the
> Muslim nations, as they enhance in power, and as Europe embraces
> them in their disgust toward Israel, and in their attempt to
> pacify terrorists.<<

So basically, your distorted view has transformed it into an "You and your
fellow travelers against the rest of the world" scenario.  I love it.

> I am not a capitalist, BTW. I believe it is just as easy to push
> capitalism in communist China as it is to do it here. I am a
> believer in human liberty, not given by the state, but by God.
> This is the clencher that separates free republics like the USA
> from many of its counterparts in Europe. France and Germany
> believe in freedom, only as long as it doesn't bother the
> politicians. France doesn't have several viewpoints readily
> available to its people, but only that of the ruling party. They
> seek to secularize the EU, getting rid of Christianity, rather
> than allowing religious freedom, but recognizing its roots: both
> the good and bad of it all.<

I think you have an astonishingly skewed view of reality, especially of

> I see a grave danger coming in the name of capitalism and false
> democracies that embrace tyrannical governments. We have been
> known to do it in the past, but hopefully we are learning we
> cannot do so any longer.  Meanwhile much of Europe is becoming
> one of the world's greatest dangers because of its embracing
> terrorist nations and ideologies.<<

To use my initials: B.S.


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