They spent years angry with one another for the political rivalry they 
had, refusing to speak to each other. Then in their elder years, they 
began writing to one another. They forgave each other and became close 
pen pals. Interesting that John Adams' last words were: "Thomas 
Jefferson still lives", yet Jefferson had passed away a few hours before 


Steven Montgomery wrote:
> At 10:13 AM 11/14/2003, Gary wrote:
> >define freedom.  There are huge chasms of difference between John Adams
> >the forefather and Thomas Jefferson the forefather.
> Whatever differences they had, I find it interesting, and perhaps not 
> mere 
> coincidental, that both men died within hours of each other, July 4th 
> 1826--the Jubilee (Fiftieth) anniversary of the signing of the 
> Declaration 
> of Independence.
> --
> Steven Montgomery
> Do I err, then, in believing that the universe is built upon symbols, to 
> the end that it may bear record of its all-wise Architect and Builder? 
> God 
> teaches with symbols; it is his favorite method of teaching. The Savior 
> often used them. (Orson F. Whitney, Improvement Era, August 1927)

Gerald (Gary) Smith

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