Ron Scott wrote:
Where, in your opinion, is the "communist" threat today.

Don't be silly.  Eastern-bloc communism could be revived overnight.  
Communist governments in third-world countries in Eastern Europe, 
Africa, Asia, and South America are a constant threat to our security.  
Any semi-rational person can see this.  Even now we as a nation are 
making huge efforts around the world to advocate and encourage 
democratic governments.

Your negative reflections on Benson's politics are specious.  Of course 
some of the specifics do not pertain to current events, just like some 
writings of Isaiah about the Assyrians are not particularly pertinant 
today.  But there's nothing outdated or anachronistic about President 
Benson's counsel regarding loyalty to God and country.  Plenty of us 
could take lessons from President Benson's teachings.

One of the more telling complaints I've heard from right-wing folks is 
that liberals seem to hate America and what it stands for.  It is easy 
to understand why patriotic folks with traditional ideals form this 
opinion.  It is difficult, in the context of these times, to understand 
why anyone would sell short the importance of national defense and 
security.  I worry far more about that than I do about being preoccupied 
with Communists hiding in every toilet.

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