At 08:25 AM 11/13/2003, RB Scott wrote:

>Which explains a great deal about the issues the ACLU chooses to get
involved with.<

And the examples you have in mind would be?

Well, if I have to point them out to you it wouldn't do any good anyway. You already have your mind made up. Most reasonable people, if they've paid any attention at all to current events, can see the bitter fruits that the ACLU produces.

Steven Montgomery

It is no accident, then, that so many who gathered at Philadelphia to declare independence and a decade later to draft a constitution were men who had apprenticed themselves to Thucydides, Plato, Aristotle, Polybius, and Cicero, and who could debate at length on the various constitutional forms of the classical world before they chose one for the new American nation. We owe our very existence as a people in great part to classical learning.----T. L. Simmons

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