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> Ron Scott wrote:
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> Where, in your opinion, is the "communist" threat today.
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> Don't be silly.  <

I wasn't being silly. It was a sincere question.

>Eastern-bloc communism could be revived overnight.
> Communist governments in third-world countries in Eastern Europe,
> Africa, Asia, and South America are a constant threat to our security.
> Any semi-rational person can see this.<

Ah, I'm less than semi-rational. I suppose I'll validate your name calling
if I say I don't agree with you.  Not agreeing with you is prima facie
evidence that I am less than semi-rational, right?

It's possible that communism could be revived in some former republics of
the USSR.  The chances are quite remote, but it could happen.  In former
USSR satellites in Eastern Europe?  Not much of a chance: not Eastonia,
Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, (East Germany is now part of Germany, in case you
missed the news), Ukraine, Hungary, Czechloslovakia, Yugoslavias.  A little
bit of a chance in Byelorus and Bulgaria. Obviously you disagree.  So please
give me a specific example of an Eastern European country that could slide
back into communism.

I suppose it could happen in some countries of South America and Africa.
But, if it did, it would hardly pose a serious threat to the U.S., to the
rest of the world.

>Even now we as a nation are
> making huge efforts around the world to advocate and encourage
> democratic governments.<

True enough. But the alternative to democracy isn't necessarily communism.
> Your negative reflections on Benson's politics are specious. <

We'll please be specific about my speciousness, if it's not too much to ask.
I think I limited my comments on former President Benson's politics to this:
"I don't agree with his politics."

 >Of course
> some of the specifics do not pertain to current events, just like some
> writings of Isaiah about the Assyrians are not particularly pertinant
> today.  But there's nothing outdated or anachronistic about President
> Benson's counsel regarding loyalty to God and country.<

Who said there was? Not me.

> Plenty of us could take lessons from President Benson's teachings.<

I do.  I listen to him and many others. As you know I'm particularly fond of
President Hinckley. I had/have deep respect Presidents McKay, Kimball,Lee
and George Albert Smith and Joseph Fielding Smith and wish President Hunter
had been a little more outspoken as an apostle.  My list includes all the
prophets who have led the church during my life.

> One of the more telling complaints I've heard from right-wing folks is
> that liberals seem to hate America and what it stands for.  It is easy
> to understand why patriotic folks with traditional ideals form this
> opinion.  It is difficult, in the context of these times, to understand
> why anyone would sell short the importance of national defense and
> security.  I worry far more about that than I do about being preoccupied
> with Communists hiding in every toilet.<<

Did I say a word about "national defense?" Did I write a word that would
suggest that I underrate the importance of national defense at this time?  I
DID NOT.  You are putting words in my mouth, drawing inferences that have NO
BASIS IN FACT,Brother Jim.

Surprise. Believe it or not Jim, like you I believe its far more importance
for our nation to be concerned about national defense and security than to
turn into a nation of worry warts over whether theres a commy in every

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