Well, the first one on your list already knocks your credibility down
quite a ways. the NYTimes group has been riddled with scandle over the
past year for fraudulent stories bent on making the left look good and
the right look evil.  I don't mind a magazine/newspaper slanting a
certain direction, as long as they don't make up the facts as they go
along.  Then there's one other major hit for them: Paul Krugman. Here's a
guy that should be in jail (a la Enron), trying to tell us that George W
Bush is evil? Come on! Give me a break!

The LA Times showed themselves to be rather one-sided in their
Thursday-last minute attack on Arnold Schwarzeneggar prior to the
election in California. Why didn't they do this weeks before, giving him
time to respond? And why didn't they also do the same on Gray Davis? Did
you know he had a relationship with a now-famous actress when she was 15
and he was in his twenties? How come that didn't come out on the Thursday
before, as well? Where is the fair and balanced?

The WSJ is an interesting lot. Their editorial page is extremely
conservative, while the news section is run by left-leaners, which is
kind of funny for a magazine based on capitalism, eh? But they still seem
to try and be balanced on the news section, regardless.

What I try to do is read some from both the right and left sides, hoping
to gain a balanced perspective from reading the two. 


Ron:  In my opinion, the "news"(this does not include editorialists or
editorialists) organizations that are the most reliable are:

1.  The New York Times group
2. The Washington Post/LA Times/Newsday/Newsweek group
3.  The Wall Street Journal/ Dow Jones

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