Newspapers are a waste of time.  Outdated anachronisms. I have always 
hated those damned inconvenient bundles of flimsy pages that are so 
cumbersome to manipulate, and such a worthless liability after the first 
scanning.  And they're such a crashing bore.  Most of the material is 
paid advertising, which you then have to pay to read.  What an absurd 

News delivery that is not online is just crude and clunky.  

Printed "news" was never really very "new" anyway.  I'm glad it is a 
dying art.

When I have time, I like to listen to radio news.  NPR has the best 
delivery.  And I always know exactly what kind of prejudice to expect.

CNN is a few steps behind in quality, but always available.

Most recently Google has implemented a news-gathering page as part of 
their service.  It provides pointers to various online news service 
articles on current events.  Also a good way to search for items of 
specific interest.

Internet radio is coming into its own.  Most major media outlets have 
established a presence there, and it will become more and more popular 
as wireless network devices continue to proliferate.

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