I think you're right, Jim. But, I still enjoy printed newspapers, magazines,
and books. You can curl up on a cold winter morning with a laptop computer.


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> Newspapers are a waste of time.  Outdated anachronisms. I have always
> hated those damned inconvenient bundles of flimsy pages that are so
> cumbersome to manipulate, and such a worthless liability after the first
> scanning.  And they're such a crashing bore.  Most of the material is
> paid advertising, which you then have to pay to read.  What an absurd
> arrangement.
> News delivery that is not online is just crude and clunky.
> Printed "news" was never really very "new" anyway.  I'm glad it is a
> dying art.
> When I have time, I like to listen to radio news.  NPR has the best
> delivery.  And I always know exactly what kind of prejudice to expect.
> CNN is a few steps behind in quality, but always available.
> Most recently Google has implemented a news-gathering page as part of
> their service.  It provides pointers to various online news service
> articles on current events.  Also a good way to search for items of
> specific interest.
> Internet radio is coming into its own.  Most major media outlets have
> established a presence there, and it will become more and more popular
> as wireless network devices continue to proliferate.
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