> Last winter I decided to take the Beecroft challenge and see
> what really was in Pride and Prejudice

Till!  I'm flattered.  And glad to hear you enjoyed it, eventually at 

> Her style has to grow on you, I guess.

Orson Scott Card, LDS writer of fiction/science fiction/fantasy, has 
complained that most present-day authors eschew developing the character 
of "good guys" because, as they claim, bad guys are "more interesting".  
Card maintains that the good guys are actually far more interesting, and 
that evil is essentially banal.  That is exactly the viewpoint I get 
from Austen novels.  Her protagonists are interesting, engaging, 
honorable if flawed, while the antagonists are ultimately revealed to be 
veneer-thin and distastefully similar in their smallness.  Or that's my 
view of things.


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