Fine writer, great play. Here's more on him:

There are an abundance of parallels between the play and Wolfe's own
personal life. Wolfe grew up in Asheville, North Carolina, which was at that
time a middle class mountain resort town dazzled by real estate speculation.
Wolfe's Mother, Julia E. Wolfe (in the play the character's name is Eliza
Gant), was ahead of her time as a successful real estate speculator. Wolfe
felt her interest was a disease that interfered with her duties as a wife
and mother. William Oliver Wolfe, his father, was a tombstone maker with a
great vigor for living and a constant need to hurl himself against the
prison bars of his dreary provincial life. Wolfe and Frings changed the name
of this shell of a man to W.O. Gant. While he provided well for his large
family, this man delighted in all of the robust sensual aspects of life. He
drank heavily, and in an inebriated state often verbally stormed at his
family with great torrents of rhetoric and quotes from Shakespeare.

Wolfe was the youngest of eight children, six of whom survived to adulthood.
During his childhood the family member closest to him was his brother
Benjamin. In Look Homeward, Angel Ben is portrayed as a loner who hides his
love for his youngest brother behind a mask of short temper and sarcastic
denial. It is perhaps through Ben's feelings of bitter regret for his own
lost opportunities that Thomas Wolfe acquired his drive to escape his
provincial life so he could go out into the world to achieve his dream of
being a writer. Wolfe would write Look Homeward, Angel nine years before his

Frings adapted Wolfe's 1929 novel into a play that premiered on Broadway in
1957 starring Anthony Perkins, Jo Van Fleet, and Hugh Griffith. The
production ran for 564 performances and received six Tony nominations, but
alas did not take home a single award.

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