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> -Tilly-
> > Last winter I decided to take the Beecroft challenge and see
> > what really was in Pride and Prejudice
> Till!  I'm flattered.  And glad to hear you enjoyed it, eventually at 
> least.
> > Her style has to grow on you, I guess.
> Orson Scott Card, LDS writer of fiction/science fiction/fantasy, has 
> complained that most present-day authors eschew developing the character 
> of "good guys" because, as they claim, bad guys are "more interesting".  
> Card maintains that the good guys are actually far more interesting, and 
> that evil is essentially banal.  That is exactly the viewpoint I get 
> from Austen novels.  Her protagonists are interesting, engaging, 
> honorable if flawed, while the antagonists are ultimately revealed to be 
> veneer-thin and distastefully similar in their smallness.  Or that's my 
> view of things.

Interesting view, Card's.  I'd say it's a mixed bag of good guys and bad. 

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