I did not care for Wolfe's Bonfire, and never finished reading it.  I 
have read and re-read _The Right Stuff_ many times.  It is a moving 
story about modern heroes in the developing US space program.  None of 
that ever-depressing big-society stuff that so baffles me.

I really like heroes.

Last night I was reading _The Odyssey_, one of my favorites.  Also keep 
nearby on my shelf classics like _Last of the Mohicans_, _Les 
Miserables_, _Three Musketeers_, _The Count of Monte Cristo_, _Robinson 

The only contemporary novels (other than trashy SciFi paperbacks) I have 
returned to are from Tom Clancy and Stephen King.  And more recently I 
have read _Cold Mountain_ by Charles Frazier several times.

SciFi stuff is just like candy for me, I guess.  The last one I really 
liked was _Cryptonomicon_, can't remember the author.  It was fun 
because the heroes are computer nerds -- and some of them are just as 
weird as me.  :-)


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