Or, if it initially fails, it could cause enough anger in the states by 
normal, God-fearing people, that they will throw the bums out that 
refused to vote for it.  That is my hope.
Congress can be recalled by its constituents. Another check given by the 
Gary Smith

John W. Redelfs wrote:
> RB Scott wrote:
> >My guess is that it won't be approved by Congress.  The danger in
> >a drawn out, bitter campaign that ultimately loses is that it
> >will absorb so much political and financial captial there won't
> >be much left over to shape how (or if) same sex marriage is
> >presented in the schools. A destructive "to the winner goes the
> >spoils" mentality could rule the process.
> Just an additional argument for home schooling.  --JWR

Gerald (Gary) Smith
geraldsmith@ juno.com

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