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>Or, if it initially fails, it could cause enough anger
>in the states by
>normal, God-fearing people, that they will throw the
>bums out that
>refused to vote for it.  That is my hope.
>Congress can be recalled by its constituents. Another
>check given by the
>Gary Smith
>John W. Redelfs wrote:
>> RB Scott wrote:
>> >My guess is that it won't be approved by Congress.
>The danger in
>> >a drawn out, bitter campaign that ultimately loses is that it
>> >will absorb so much political and financial captial
>there won't
>> >be much left over to shape how (or if) same sex marriage is
>> >presented in the schools. A destructive "to the
>winner goes the
>> >spoils" mentality could rule the process.
>> Just an additional argument for home schooling.  --JWR
>Gerald (Gary) Smith
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