I guess I'm confused as to what you intend to do with the pieces
you're writing? Do you imagine this as something you'd like to
get published? Are you writing a thesis of some kind? Are you
writing for your own purposes only?

For instance, you claim the rising divorce rate is the result of
women entering the job market, becoming self-sufficient
economically.  Yet, you present no evidence (other than opinions)
to bolster your argument.  If you want to convince someone you've
got to provide good backup data from objective sources.


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>From: Jonathan Scott [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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>Subject: [ZION] Help Me Please - Ignore as Usual
>       My next chapters will be dealing with all the
>new sources of
>poverty that have shown up since the sixties...or before.
>       I need information on corporations and on how
>they are making
>more money than before at the cost of employees
>also a chapter on jobs going overseas.
>       Can any of you think of any other of major
>sources of poverty
>since 1960?  Credit cards?  Anything...
>       Ron...the filter is off.  I'd appreciate your
>input as well.
>Be rude again and the filter goes right back up though.
> I doubt you
>care, but nonetheless, I'm listening again.
>Jonathan Scott
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