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I guess I'm confused as to what you intend to do with
the pieces
you're writing? Do you imagine this as something you'd like to
get published? Are you writing a thesis of some kind? Are you
writing for your own purposes only?

For instance, you claim the rising divorce rate is the
result of
women entering the job market, becoming self-sufficient
economically.  Yet, you present no evidence (other
than opinions)
to bolster your argument. If you want to convince
someone you've
got to provide good backup data from objective sources.


I listed sources. My opinion was one paragraph. My sources took up the remainder of it.

You didn't describe your purpose.  While your footnotes may
support what you claim -- as I recall you provide a bibliography,
not traditional footnotes -- it requires the reader to assume
you've interpreted the source material correctly and that the
source material supports what you say.  I think it's wiser, more
compelling, to provide a summary quote or two with an appropriate


Please read my stuff more carefully. Most of it is quotes with a link to the home page below it. My commentaries, I make them as small as possible.
Jonathan Scott

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