I'm not discouraged. I see this as being part of the plan. God has 
already told us what would happen in the last days. So, why worry? Do 
your part, and know that Christ will come out victor in the end. That is 
where hope lies, in seeing beyond this earthly realm, and into the 
heavens beyond.

If the whole earth turns homosexual, except for the Saints, so what? How 
will that affect your testimony? How will it overcome the work of God?  
We have many more righteous on earth right now than Noah had in his day 
before the ark. Why should we be any different? Don't forget, those that 
be with us are more than those against us. We have battalions of angels 
ready to fight our battles. God told us in the Book of Mormon that if 
necessary, he will call down fire from heaven to defend us from His 

So, we put up the good fight, knowing that we'll lose some skirmishes 
along the way, but the entire war is ours. And that IS a comforting 
thought to me.

Gary Smith

Jon Spencer wrote:
> Satan wants you to be discouraged, John.  Take heart.  Do something
> positive, perhaps encouraging same-sex marriage by taking on a few more
> wives.
> Okay, maybe not.  But do something to help the situation and you will 
> feel
> much better.
> Jon
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> Subject: [ZION] General Conference Hopes
> > General Conference is coming up in less than a month on April 3 and 4.  
> > I
> > hope that President Hinckley will give us some additional guidance on 
> > the
> > matter of same-sex marriages.  Right now I am terribly discouraged.  The
> > advocates of same-sex marriage seem to have a plan and are all pulling
> > together for what they want.  The opponents of same-sex marriage, on the
> > other hand, seem to be in a state a great confusion pulling in several
> > different directions.  I see no hope that the opponents of same-sex
> > marriage will prevail when they cannot even agree on a common strategy.
> >
> > John W. Redelfs                            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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> > The traditional family is under heavy attack. I do not know
> > that things were worse in the times of Sodom and Gomorrah.
> > -- President Gordon B. Hinckley, 2004.
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> > All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR
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Gerald (Gary) Smith
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