Steven, I can't tell you how much your posts of Elders Clark & Skousen 
helped me today.  It's been a terrible year for us, and I'd completely 
hit bottom - went so far as to drive up to the Indy VA hospital and turn 
myself in as depressed and a clinical loser.  Whap! - Here's a bottle of 
new meds, we'll get you a real appointment in 2 or 3 weeks.  Started to 
feel a little better, but was still feeling helpless in a hopeless 

You (and Elders Clark & Skousen) reminded me that it's far from hopeless 
and I'm far from helpless.  (I may still be unemployed, heavily in debt, 
and flat broke -- but I'm far from helpless.)  And you reminded me of 
something I should never have forgotten:  that all this was forseen and 
actions were taken long ago to save us all.

(You'd think I'd have learned this lesson when I read about the missing 
116 pages and the Plates of Nephi.)

So I'm feeling better, if still weary.  I think a good night's rest, and 
a morning re-reading of you three elders' post, will enable me to face 
tomorrow and continue the fight.

Thanks again!


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