Hi list,

I'm a recent ZKT-convert after being disappointed by dnssec-tools too
much. ZKT seems to work like a charm so far. I run a 'resign all
zones'-cronjob on a weekly basis and this morning i found some error
output from it, which raises questions.

The cronjob runs '/usr/bin/zkt-signer -v -v'.

On this pastebin https://8n1.org/9068/7c46 is relevant output from the
cronjob and my logs. The zone.db's for the zones that zkt could not
increment the serial for are perfectly fine, re-editing these zones
poses no problems at all..

After running 'zkt-signer -v -v' a couple of times, the errors have now
disappeared and the DNSSEC chains seem in order according to dnsviz.

Any ideas what this might be about?

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