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> > Another wednesday, another resign all run, again with errors.
> > But now, another message appears:
> > | phased-out option -e (was 'use (RSA) large exponent)
> > What is this 'phased-out option -e', where does it come from?
> I guess that you have installed a new bind version.

Totally true. I hadn't made that link yet, sorry.
I've upgraded to 9.9.2 over the weekend to implement RRL.

> But I'm wondering why this message appear if a zkt run tries to
> re-sign a zone.

Your guess is probably better than mine on this. ;-))

> I just checked the code again, and propably found an error in it.
> In is_so_rr() the following condition checks a line if it contains "IN SOA".
> if ( (p = strfindstr (line, "IN")) && (soa_p = strfindstr (p+2, "SOA")))
> Maybe this is compiler dependend code.

I think the compiler optimises this and doesn't even bother checking the
right part of the && test if the left part gave a false result. However
i applied the patch but this still gives the same error.

This is a funny situation though. If i sign just one zone it works,
if i sign them all in one go it breaks. See https://8n1.org/9088/8e62

I verified the serial was actually increased in the single zone run.

This https://8n1.org/9090/6939 is the build log for this version.

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