>> I'm pleased to announce the release of ZODB 3.2.8 (final).  Also irked,
>> since ZODB 3.2.7 final was released just yesterday.  Alas, an
>> incompatible change in 3.2.7's ZopeUndo.Prefix implementation
>> effectively made it impossible to use a 3.2.7 ZEO server with a Zope
>> running a ZODB earlier than 3.2.7, or vice versa.

[Paul Winkler]
> Very sorry about that... I checked in that bugfix after some discussion
> here; I didn't realize it would bork things up in the situation you
> describe.

Neither did I, Paul -- I don't know ZopeUndo from a hole in the ground.  It
_might_ have helped if you had added an entry to ZODB's news file recording
that ZopeUndo.Prefix had changed.  As is, when Tres bumped into this, and I
saw ZopeUndo.Prefix in the server traceback, I vaguely recalled seeing the
checkin msg, and remember vaguely wondering at the time whether that had
something to do with ZODB.  Then I forgot about it, and since there wasn't a
reminder in ZODB's news file, didn't check the changes at all.

> I'm very glad to see from the NEWS file that you and/or Tres managed to
> find a backward-compatible solution that still fixes the bug. Nicely
> done!

Tres and I compounded hacks until it looked like it would work in both
directions.  One of 'em even got tested <wink>.

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