[Tim Peters]
>> ...
>> You might want to try that (by temporarily installing ZODB 3.2.8 on
>> a client) to verify that your scenario does in fact work for you now.

[Paul Winkler]
> I just downloaded 3.2.8 and copied Prefix.py into my Zope 2.7.6-b2
> installation. Seems to work fine!

Excellent!  Thank you for trying it.  Note that your older server still
contains the older implementation of Prefix, so its comparison function
makes no use of the .path attribute your newer client creates; i.e., with
the <older server, newer client> combo, you still have the comparison bug
you _originally_ set out to fix here.  With the <newer server, older client>
combo, the 3.2.8 Prefix synthesizes the new attributes needed to do the new
comparison algorithm (despite that the older client doesn't create them), so
your original bug should be repaired under that combo.

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