Tim Peters wrote:
[Jim Fulton]

ISynchronizer should grow a new method:

    def newTransaction(transaction):
        """Hook that is called at the start of a transaction."""

The TM calls this method with the new transaction.

I like this, although I don't know what "start of a transaction" means.

It means that the application has called "begin" on the transaction manager. It has signalled that any work it does after the begin call should be in this new transaction. The application has set a transaction boundary.


A fourth possible meaning is that newTransaction should be invoked after a
commit() or abort() too, since in some sense we (at least conceptually) "are
in a new transaction" the instant after the current transaction ends.

Yes, this is an implicit new transaction, however, I don't think a call is necessary. Synchronizers should know that a completion is equivalent to an implicit begin.

What's your true intent here?

See my definition above.


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