DJTB wrote at 2005-5-21 13:00 +0200:
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>I'm having problems storing large amounts of objects in a ZODB.
>After committing changes to the database, elements are not cleared from

You can control how many objects the ZODB cache may contain.

Note, however, that the objects are usually flushed from cache
only at transaction boundaries.

Furthermore, there are methods to flush individual objects
from cache ("obj._p_invalidate()"), perform a cache cleanup
mid-transaction ("connection.cacheGC()") and perform
a full flush "connection.cacheMinimize()").

Note that an object can only be flushed from the cache
when it was not modified in the current transaction.
This is independent from the way you try to flush it
("_p_invalidate", "cacheGC" or "cacheMinimize").

For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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