[Paul Winkler]
>> Cool!  This is on ctheune-blobsupport branch, right? Did that ever get
>> merged to trunk?

[Christian Theune]
> AFAIK not. It was a "maybe" for the 3.4 release but really didn't have
> enough public exposure to make it in there.

That's all correct.  3.4 is in beta now, so blob support will be a
new-in-3.5 feature.

> ChrisM wanted to write some more unit tests for it which would rectify
> including it on the main branch. I hope I can make him do that at a
> sprint over here in September ... :)

I hope there's action before September -- that would be half a year after
the branch was created, and merging gets harder over time.  Maybe we could
do a virtual sprint via zodb-dev <0.9 wink>.

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