Jim Fulton wrote at 2005-7-14 18:01 -0400:
> ...
>> There is not much "nastiness" that "Refresh" does:
>>   (Manual) refresh has only a single problem:
>>   it does not refresh dependent products automatically.
>It also doesn't handle global data properly.
>It tries to do something that Python modules were never
>designed to support, which is to load them more than once.

It reloads the modules and Python has a builtin for this ;-)
(although "Refresh" does not use the builtin but reloads in a slightly
different way).

>When it fails, it does so in subtle ways that cause people
>to lose lots of time.

But, it does not need to fail -- provided that with a product
all its dependent products are refreshed as well.

At least, I never saw it failing when I had met this condition...

And I lost time only when I saw the not very helpful problem messages
for the first few times (when I did not met this condition).

But otherwise, refresh saved me *lots* of time...

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