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--On 13. Oktober 2005 01:45:30 -0400 Chris Spencer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I noticed that if a ZEOServer client doesn't have the definition for an
object's class, it loads it as a broken object. Is there any way to fix
the broken object by obtaining the class source from the server?

Your sources on the client side must be complete. Otherwise the object is
broken. The server has nothing to do with problem. Fix your client.

While it would certainly be nice if the ZEO server could deliver codeobjects too.

I don't think it would be useful to deliver ordinary Python modules
via the DB.

It would be useful to support persistent modules, which would have
somewhat different semantics than standard Python modules.
There is limited experimental support for this in the Zope 3 repository.

> In Theory and with much much bad hackery (overwriting
__import__ and friends) it could be possible. Jim?

For some definition of "it", sure.

This would especially be nice in a non Zope-situation where you have
ZEO deliver to many sites and code synchronization would be a mere nightmare.

Code synchronization is still a nughtmare.


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