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Andreas Jung wrote:

--On 13. Oktober 2005 02:54:51 -0400 Chris Spencer

But what if the client doesn't know what sources it's supposed to have?
What if it only has a limited understanding of the objects, and needs to
load certain objects on the server from scratch. Is this really a
necessary limitation? I realize I may be using Zope in a way it was not
designed for, but wouldn't it be useful to persist the entire object,
source code as well as state?

Sorry, this is a stupid assumption.

Nooooo. It was an incorrect assumption.


Well, actually it was a hypothetical ;)

I'm fully aware of Pickle's limitations. My question was why are you accepting them? What's to stop someone from extending Pickle to serialize state *and* code? Python's inspect module certainly allows for this. You could define entire programs on the database without the client having to maintain any code, only loading what it needs to connect to the database. Could it be we're making the incorrect assumption that state serialization is enough?


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