Tim Peters wrote:

> I'm the closest thing to a ZODB maintainer there is, and I won't object
> ;-) Go for it!

OK. Right now I have the problem of getting the tests to pass before I
start changing things. Doing just as README.txt says (python2.4 setup.py
build, then python2.4 test.py) earns me waggon loads of errors which
almost entirely seem to stem from the fact that the transaction module is
not available. Is there a reason the module is not in build/lib.foo after
running the setup.py build?

> If you count this as a new feature, it should only go in on the ZODB
> trunk. If you count this is a bugfix (that's my inclination),

And mine.

> then it should also go in:
>     ZODB/branches/3.4
>     ZODB/branches/3.5
>     ZODB/branches/3.6

An almost disencouraging number of branches ;o)

> Since the database root object under all ZODBs is of type
> PersistentMapping, and "everyone knows that", at this point I'd prefer to
> deprecate PersistentDict (under the sensible theory that there was never a
> real reason for it to exist in the ZODB 3 line).



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