> Well I'm not sure it works Tim. My comment was to be able to test the
> build *before* installing the ZODB on the Python.

Right, and that's the way ZODB tests are normally run by everyone who works
on ZODB (they never _install_ ZODB to run tests).

> I need to try that again but, if I remember correctly, without the
> PYTHONPATH update it didn't work out for me.

Works for me ;-)  A possible difference is that you stuffed ZODB/src at the
front of PYTHONPATH, but test.py appends ZODB/src to the end of sys.path.
If you have other ZODB or Zope code on sys.path (I never do when I run ZODB
tests), your way might be effective at "hiding" the installed code from
ZODB's test.py.  I'm not sure.

Please figure out whether that's the case in the way you run this stuff.  If
it is, ZODB's test.py could be changed to "prepend" ZODB/src instead.

>> BTW,
>>     setup.py build
>>     python test.py
>> should work too; it's a bug that it doesn't (and it worked fine within
>> the last few months), but I don't have time for it now.

> right.

See later email about that (apparently it's not intended to work anymore --
this is "a zpkgtools thing").

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