Tim Peters wrote:

It can do this because it has to provide its own DB and Connection
objects anyway.


I trust that's for more reasons than _just_ because it doesn't want to
use '\0'*8 as the root-object oid.


It's for uniformity.  In Ape, the strategy for choosing OIDs is
pluggable, and the plugin that chooses OIDs has the opportunity to choose
the root OID.  Otherwise the root OID would be a special case that every
OID chooser would have to be aware of.

However, I wouldn't have gone to this effort if it weren't so easy.
There's very little code that cares what the root OID is.

I meant I hoped that you went to the bother of providing your own
implementations of DB and Connection for more reasons than just because the
ZODB DB and Connection implementations have a few lines special-casing z64.

Ah, I see. No, uniform OIDs are just a cog in the steamroller I rolled over ZODB. ;-)

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