>> You should believe whatever Jim tells you ;-)

> Hey, what's the wink for?

I was just flirting with Florent ;-)

> ...
> I thought this was settled in:
>    http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zodb-dev/2005-March/008593.html
> which also mentions the requirement that oids must have len > 0. :)

Hey, nobody objected to that!  I (obviously) forgot all about that.  Done
deal, then -- thanks for the reminder.

> We should really document this in IPersistent.

I changed it just now on the trunk, to:

    _p_oid = Attribute(
        """The object id.

        It is up to the data manager to assign this.
        The special value None is reserved to indicate that an object
        id has not been assigned.  Non-None object ids must be non-empty
        strings.  The 8-byte string '\0'*8 (8 NUL bytes) is reserved to
        identify the database root object.

The ZODB release manager should feel encouraged to backport it ;-)

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