FYI, I added code to clear the cache in _ConnectionPool at the time a closed
Connection is forgotten.  This will be in ZODB 3.6 final, which in turn will
be in Zopes 2.9 and 3.2 final.

I don't have time for more here now, so if others want more it's up to them

> ...
> P.S. Call me Pitcher, i don't like 'OP' name.

No offense intended!  OP is a traditional abbreviation of "Original Poster".
Your first message used a character set that rendered your name as

    ??????? ????? ?????????????

in my email client, and "OP" seemed a lot clearer than "??????? ?????
?????????????" :-)

> Happy New Year to everyone who is reading this!!!
> Best wishes to you! I wish you to be healthy and all your family members
> too! Long live ZODB!
> :)

Best wishes to you to, Pitcher!

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