[Tim Peters]
>> I'm still baffled by how you get into this state to begin with.  Florent
>> explained why earlier, and I didn't see a reply to this part:

[Florent Guillaume]
>>> By itself Zope never uses more than one connection per thread, and the
>>> number of thread is usually small.

>> You replied that you had "hundreds" rather than "thousands" of
>> connections, but it's a still mystery here how you manage to have that
>> many.  For example, Zope defaults to using 4 ZServer threads, so do you
>> specify a much larger zserver-threads value than the default?

[Dieter Maurer]
> I explained how Zope can aggregate much more connections when the maximal
> number of worker threads exceeds the size of the connection pool.
> Apparently, you missed this message.

No, I saw it (and thanks), but in the absence of specifics from Pitcher
there was no particular reason to believe it was a relevant guess.  Pitcher
said yesterday:

    At the time we used Zope-2.7.4 we had zope blocks very often and
    deny of serving, while high activity period, so to prevnt blocks we
    had set up the big pool-size and zserver threads parameters (we've
    played with different values but allways pool_size was larger number
    for about 1.5 times). It worked for a while. So...

I still don't know what pool-size and zserver-threads _are_ set to, but it's
clear he believes his pool-size is substantially (~1.5x) larger than his
zserver-threads setting (in which case, no, it doesn't seem likely that he's
got more threads than connections).

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