Tim Peters wrote at 2006-1-2 15:05 -0500:
>I'm still baffled by how you get into this state to begin with.  Florent
>explained why earlier, and I didn't see a reply to this part:
>[Florent Guillaume]
>> By itself Zope never uses more than one connection per thread, and the 
>> number of thread is usually small.
>You replied that you had "hundreds" rather than "thousands" of connections,
>but it's a still mystery here how you manage to have that many.  For
>example, Zope defaults to using 4 ZServer threads, so do you specify a much
>larger zserver-threads value than the default?

I explained how Zope can aggregate much more connections when
the maximal number of worker threads exceeds the size of the connection
pool. Apparently, you missed this message.

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