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Arve Knudsen wrote at 2006-4-25 22:07 +0300:
I must say I'm not an expert on all things ZODB/ZEO, but what I meant by
ownership is the management of persistent objects. The cache management
logic of ZODB can the way I understand it "ghostify" objects, what happens
if I insert an object from one ZODB (using ClientStorage) into another
(using local storage)? Which of the databases will control the
ghostifying/unghostifying of the object?

Ghostifying is a connection (not a database) notion.
Each connection controls its own [un]ghostifying.

After you copied an object from one database to another,
the other's connections control [un]ghostifying of the copy
and the original's connections that of the original.

Well, this is pretty obvious if I deep copy the objects of course. What happens if I insert references to objects contained in the ZEO-served database into another database, though, will they be controlled by this second database (or the connection to it rather)? I.e. if I want to locally cache objects obtained from a ZEO-served database, I can simply insert them into a local database?

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