Dieter Maurer wrote:
Arve Knudsen wrote at 2006-4-23 22:44 +0300:

I already use ZODB as a local persistency service for my Python application, now I'm considering ZEO as a distributed data source. The thing is I don't want to keep my local object cache synchronized at all times with the remote database, my application should only synchronize in a controlled operation and then work with the disconnected representation.

I fear the ZODB is not made for this use case.

No need for fear. It doesn't peel carrots either. :)

Arve, you want to do this at a much higher level than

Synchronization is in the form of invalidation messages
deeply embedded into the ZODB.
You may simply delay the invalidation messages and
thereby delay synchronization. However, you will problably
suffer from the lack of prefetching support and the need
to synchronize any modification immediately with the ZODB.

IOW, no disconnected writes.


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