If you setup drbd and heartbeat , the spare will take over the floating ip from the zeo server and restart the service. drbd is simply doing a block level replication of the zeo server file system where the zeo data is stored. The question is what files needs to be replicated so that when the the service is restarted on the spare, all the files needed by the zeo server to operate are there? I'm trying to ensure from a system architecture standpoint I'm not missing anything.

Christian Theune <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi folks, I'm looking at making a scalable zope infrastructure, I can
> scale the ZEO clients and mysql, the only issue is the ZEO server. I
> have used drbd and heartbeat in the past to create a HA lamp stack. From
> a technical standpoint, is there any reason I could not use drbd to
> cluster the ZEO server? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

As far as I understand, the difference to ZRS (which is a solution to
scale ZEO servers, e.g. for HA) that you will need to restart the ZEO
server when switching a hot-spare ZEO server to "live-mode", because it
doesn't notice when the underlying storage file is changed by somebody else.


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