Tim Peters wrote:
Sure, but no way to guess from here.  The only thing I can really
guess from the above is that your client is going to the server a lot
to get data.

Well, the client and the server are on the same machine, which isn't load or memory bound, and doesn't seem to be i/o bound either.

revision in the ZEO client cache.  If the sloth is acute for a period
following  client startup, but gets better over time, then the lack of
a persistent client cache would be the obvious suspect.

Right, that's true enough, and I'd also expect it.

But, there also seems to be (to my untrained eye) random periods of slowness from then onwards, again, without any apparent signs of excess load, memory usage or disk i/o.

I'm somewhat flumoxed as to where to go from here on the debugging front...


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