Russ Ferriday wrote:
But for an app to be writing into thin air without complaining - THAT's a bug!
Even having a backup of the Data.fs would not help!
Not picking on zope, but if that's what's happening it has to be called a bug.

True. It is much more likely that the Data.fs was replaced about a week ago (say an attempted backup restore) and the Zope process wasn't restarted. That is one way to evoke the observed behavior.

Since this is apparently a flavor of Unix, the output of "lsof" might be helpful. It should show you if you have a Zope process that is holding onto a deleted file.

If this is the case you'll have to get imaginative to recover the file. Killing the process and immediately attempting to "undelete" it might work (for some file systems, apparently not ext3).
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