Russ Ferriday wrote at 2006-10-2 19:07 +0100:
>But for an app to be writing into thin air without complaining -  
>THAT's a bug!

It does not write into "thin air" but onto an "inode" of the
file systems.

That your directory entry does not point to the "inode",
the application is writing to, it not the applications fault -- but
almost surely yours...

>Even having a backup of the Data.fs would not help!
>Not picking on zope, but if that's what's happening it has to be  
>called a bug.

A bug is a behaviour different from the promissed/documented one.

You should read the documentation for your filesystem: you will
learn about "inode"s and "directory entries" and that the
deletion of a "directory entry" does not necessarily remove
the "inode" it points to.

That's a feature -- documented -- and therefore not a bug.

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