Russ Ferriday wrote:
I'll provide some time for this, Jim.
I'm no expert on the ZODB, which might be spun as an advantage, and I'm prepared to play a supporting role cleaning up doctests, or helping with doc organization. This means I don't mind gathering spippets from those who have them and pulling them together.

Awesome.  Perhaps you can start thinking about how to organize the doctests.

I think that there are 2 (or 3) main audiences to consider:

- Users of ZODB

  These folks need guidance on how to use ZODB to develop applications,
  including pitfalls.

- Extenders (and perhaps maintainers) of ZODB need clear documentation of
  the APIs, including dynamic aspects, which are not handled well by interfaces.

Obviously, you should be guided, at least in part, by existing non-executable


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