Jim Fulton wrote:
Dmitry Vasiliev wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:
Thoughts? Is anyone willing to help out?  Anybody interested in a
ZODB Doc Day?

I'll ready to help with the docs. I guess we'll can made some minor API/code cleanup at the same time. But I think "ZODB Doc Days" is unnecessary.

The advantage of the Doc Day, if we can get the right people there
(I'm thinking of Jeremy and Tim :) is that we can discuss questions
about what should go in the API, of which there will be many.

It's cool, but it's hard for me to follow the days because of the time zone differences. :-(

I suppose an alternative would be to do the initial work in a wiki and
ask for comments before committing to the repository.


I can draw UML class diagrams for ZODB with Dia (http://www.gnome.org/projects/dia/) and place it in the repository (as .dia and .png files) so we can have an overview of the current implementation.

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