Hi Fred. The zc.recipe.zeo is a bit old and I seemed to have missed the newer zeo server recipe in svn which handles imports also. Thank you also for the info on threads.


Fred Drake wrote:
On 8/3/07, David Pratt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi there. zc.recipe.zeo has not yet made it to the cheeseshop. It would
be great if someone could put it there. If you want me to do it that is
fine since I have other packages on cheeseshop. The port for zeo on is
also hardcoded for 8100 but I am wanting to run more than a single ZEO
server instance per physical server so it looks like it needs a fix.

I've been using zc.zodbrecipes:server, including

    address 9000

in the value for the zeo.conf key (replacing 9000 with your chosen port).

Question about thread setting in buildout. In zope2's zope.conf you just
set the no of threads. In zc.zope3recipes, there is no mention of
setting threads. I ask this since setting threads to 1 improved
performance according to the recent high performance zope session by
Lovely systems at europython. Many thanks.

You can include the line "threads 1" as part of the value for
zope.conf in the instance part.


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